Waterproof cement

A traditional cementitious waterproofing solution

Traditonal Cementicious Tanking

Traditional tanking relies on a layer of water resistant material being applied to the walls of an underground space. This tanking usually takes the form of waterproof cement.

Ordinary cement can absorb the equivalent of 60 litres of water in 30 minutes, and this speedy absorption is what can cause damp and leaky basements and cellars. This is why a waterproof alternative is needed to properly prevent water ingress.

How waterproof cement works

"Cementitious waterproofing mortar", "waterproofing slurry" or "waterproof concrete" are all common names for tanking waterproofing solutions - and they all work in the same way.

They function by blocking the porous capillary structure of the concrete surface, thereby avoiding any water ingress. Despite this, these systems still remain permeable to water vapour, meaning any trapped moisture can escape allowing the structure to 'breathe'.

This combination of water-tight structure and breathable surface allow tanking systems using waterproof cement to be both waterproof and damp proof

Waterproof cement regulations

For a cement to be classed “waterproof” it must fulfil criteria set out by the British Standards Institute, specifically BS 1881, part 122. Wise Basement Systems strictly adhere to basement waterproofing regulations as part of our commitment to best practice within our industry.

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