Gas Ventilation

Allowing ground gas to escape your property

Ventilation - Another Solution for Ground Gas

Ground gas ventilation is proven to be effective in significantly reducing levels of radon  and other ground gas in buildings. Installing a system to vent gas from a property is often a more practical remedy for pre-existing buildings than a more traditional "gas barrier" system such as a gas membrane installation

How does Ground Gas Ventilation Work?

Ground gas ventilation works by introducing filtered air into the property. This process alters the airflow in such a way that it safely forces the air contaminated by ground gas out of the building.

The gas protection solution is based on the point scoring system from BS 8485:2007 and CIRIA C716. Wise Basement Systems use a comprehensive passive venting solution to facilitate the dilution and dispersal of dangerous gases. Used extensively in buildings all across the country, the gas ventilation system comprises of:

  • Gas Vent Mat 
  • Gas Flow Fittings 
  • Gas Vent Outlets & Gas Vent Box
  • Gas Membranes & Gas Resistant DPCs

Ground gas ventilation systems are effective in the remediation of ground gasses including radon, which has been flagged by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the second highest cause of lung cancer behind smoking.

More Advantages of Ground Gas Ventilation

In addition to being an effective retrofit solution to ground gas, ventilation systems can also help when gas membrane systems have become damaged or were poorly installed in the first place. Furthermore, these systems have all the benefits of other positive pressure ventilation systems, meaning they can help combat condensation and black mould problems too.

Find out more about Ground Gas Ventilation

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