Where Does Radon Come From?

Why is Radon a problem?

Radon gas produces radioactive dust in the air and this is usually harmless as it is so diluted in the atmosphere. However, if sufficient volumes are inhaled, radon can cause tissue damage in the lungs eventually leading to lung cancer in the worst cases.

In modern properties radon can build up to dangerous levels in spaces such as basements and cellars that have earth retaining walls.

Radon Gas

Learn more about radon gas, why it is dangerous and what can be done to treat properties affected by it.

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Radon in Homes

Find out how Radon gets trapped in properties from the ground surrounding the foundations.

Radon in homes

History of Radon

The first people who noticed a link between going underground and getting sick were miners. It was not until the 1800’s that medical science realised the disease effecting miners was lung cancer. However, radon was not discovered until the 1900’s, so medical science did not have the answer to why miners got sick until much later.

Unbelievably, it was not until the 1980’s that it was realised that radon is not only a problem in mines, but also in homes and commercial properties that have underground spaces. Since then, radon testing, and fixing the problem using gas membranes and ground gas ventilation, has become more common.

Radon Treatment

Wise Basement Systems offer radon solutions for properties and construction projects. Our gas membrane installation and ground gas ventilation solutions will prevent radon from building up in your property, leaving it a safe and habitable space.

Gas Membrane

Gas membranes provide an airtight barrier to potentially hazardous ground gas. They can be installed into existing properties and construction sites.

Gase Membranes

Gas Ventilation

Gas ventilation systems filter harmful ground gasses such as radon, methane and CO2 away from your property leaving any occupants safe.

Gas ventilation

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