Radon Map

Locate problem areas across Scotland

Do you live near a radon risk?

Our radon map shows the concentration of radon across the country and the areas where property is most at risk from radon.

If you live in an area on the map that is dark pink/red we would recommend performing a radon test to assess the level of radon in your property.

Radon map of Scotland

Find out more about Radon

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is all around us. However, when it is allowed to build up, prolonged exposure to radon can have serious health effects on humans. The World Health Organisation (WHO) rate radon exposure as the second largest cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Radon Source

Where does Radon come from? Click the button below to find out how radon is created .

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Radon in Homes

How does radon get into homes? Find out how simple it is for radon to build up in your property.

Radon in Homes

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