How Does Radon Gas Get Into Homes?

Radon can be hazardous to health if it builds up inside a property

Radon in Properties

Radon is an invisible and odourless radioactive gas that can be found in homes all across the UK. Any home can have a radon problem whether it is a new build or an older home, and homes with basements cellars or earth retaining walls are particularly susceptible to increased levels.

Radon generally seeps into homes from the earth surrounding the foundations and high volumes can be hazardous to human health and is a known cause of lung cancer.

How Radon Affects a Home

Radon from soil is the number one source of radon in a home. Radon gas naturally permeates through soil and into buildings through imperfections such as cracks and pores in the concrete foundations.

As radon gas builds up in the foundations of the property it will rise with warm air – this is known as the "stack effect”. In addition to this “stack effect”, modern homes are designed to keep warm air inside, and this ultimately results in long periods of radon build up and inhalation.

Radon in Basements and Cellars

Radon gas can accumulate in basements and cellars because these spaces have a close proximity to the surrounding earth and generally have poor ventilation. Radon and other ground gasses can pass through any weaknesses in the basement or cellar walls.

Common weaknesses in basements and cellars include:

  • Cracks in floors and walls
  • Damaged expansion joints
  • Damaged control joints
  • Floor-to-wall joints
  • Porous concrete block foundations
  • Floor drains
  • Gaps in slabs
  • Poor quality foundation crack repairs

Thankfully, there are solutions to all of the above problems that can be recommended by a qualified surveyor. A professional ground gas survey will allow our surveyor to figure out exactly if/how radon is getting into your property and how to stop it.

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Radon Treatment

Wise Basement Systems offer radon solutions for properties and construction projects. Our gas membrane installation and ground gas ventilation solutions will prevent radon from building up in your property, leaving it a safe and habitable space.

Gas Membrane

Gas membranes provide an airtight barrier to potentially hazardous ground gas. They can be installed into existing properties and construction sites.

Gase Membranes

Gas Ventilation

Gas ventilation systems filter harmful ground gasses such as radon, methane and CO2 away from your property leaving any occupants safe.

Gas ventilation

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