Radon is a radioactive gas that can build up in properties

Get Wise to Radon

Radon is a colourless, odourless gas that is formed by the radioactive decay of uranium in rocks and soil. This is a perfectly natural process and, as a result, small levels of radon are around us all the time. However, when radon is allowed to build up in an enclosed space, like a basement or cellar, it can become health hazard.

How is Radon Measured?

Radon is measured in becquerels per cubic metre or Bq m-3. The average property in this country is likely to contain 20 Bq m-3 and this is perfectly safe. In fact, any radon level below 100 Bq m-3, is not a cause for concern. That said, when levels of radon increase the risks to health increase too.

Is Radon Dangerous?

Radon gas produces radioactive dust in the air and when this dust is inhaled it continues to emit radiation inside the lungs. This radiation can cause localised tissue damage which the World Health Organisation (WHO) has linked this to lung cancer. It is estimated that radon is responsible for 1,100 lung cancer deaths in the UK every year.

Radon Map

Check out our Radon Map which shows which areas of Scotland are most at risk from radon gas.

Radon Map

Radon in Homes

How does radon get into homes? Find out how simple it is for radon to build up in your property.

Radon in Homes

Radon Treatment

Wise Basement Systems offer two effective remediation solutions for reducing radon to safe levels. The first is a gas membrane installation. These membranes prevent radon gas from getting into the property by forming an impenetrable barrier between the property and the ground that surrounds its foundations.

Somtimes fitting a gas membrane is not a viable option, fortunately there are also gas ventilation options available that use filtered fresh air to force radon gas outside the property.

Gas Membrane

Gas membranes provide an airtight barrier to potentially hazardous ground gas. They can be installed into existing properties and construction sites.

Gase Membranes

Gas Ventilation

Gas ventilation systems filter harmful ground gasses such as radon, methane and CO2 away from your property leaving any occupants safe.

Gas ventilation

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