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High quality gas membranes installed by qualified industry experts.

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Protect your property with a Gas Membrane Instalation

Installing a gas membrane into a property or construction project is a highly skilled and specialised activity. In a domestic property it is vital to ensure that ground gas is dealt with professionally as gasses like radon, methane and carbon dioxide are extremely hazardous to human health.

Gas membrane installation is also becoming more common in the construction industry due to increased development on “brownfield land” which is more susceptible to releasing harmful ground gas.

Wise Basement Systems can provide gas membrane installation solutions for domestic and commercial properties and projects with a wide range of solutions suitable for homes, industrial properties, retail units, underground carparks and more.

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When Does a Property Need a Gas Membrane Installation?

Dangerous ground gases can infiltrate any earth retaining walls in a property and build up to hazardous levels in areas like basements and cellars that tend to be poorly ventilated. This build up of gas creates an unsafe environment for any inhabitants of the property. For example, methane is potentially explosive, carbon dioxide is an asphyxiating gas and prolonged exposure to radon has been linked to lung cancer.

Ground gas can be drawn into a building by the pressure difference that exists between the inside and outside of the building (warm indoor air is less dense than cold outdoor air). Ground gases can enter buildings through:

  • Cracks in solid floors 
  • Construction joints 
  • Cracks in walls below ground 
  • Gaps in suspended concrete or timber floor 
  • Gaps around service pipes 
  • Cavities in walls 
  • Soil and vent pipe

If ground gas has been identified in your property, or you are unsure whether your property is affected, then we would recommend getting expert help. Our surveyors can install a gas membrane into basements and cellars of any size, ensuring the safety of your property and keeping it habitable for the future.

Radon Gas

Radon is an odourless and colourless ground gas that has been a proven cause of serious diseases such as lung cancer.

More on Radon

Ground Gas

Radon is not the only ground gas that poses a risk to humans if it builds up in a property. Learn about Methane, CO2 and more...

Ground Gas

Gas Membrane Installation for Construction Projects

The hazards of ground gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) must be taken into account when designing and constructing new developments. When it comes to construction projects, planning departments and other governing bodies know how important protection from ground gas is, and subsequently they are likely to make the installation of gas membranes a condition of planning. The recommended methods of ground gas protection are likely to be highlighted in the site investigation report.

Gas Membrane Installation by Wise Basement Systems

Wise Basement Systems offer a gas membrane installation that will satisfy your property’s needs and your budget requirements. Our trained and qualified staff will can undertake the complete installation of any membranes along with any ground gas ventilation that may abe required.

Wise Basement Systems have many years of industry experience installing ground gas membrane systems and we install everything to British Standards Institues (BSI) BS84845:2007 & Ciria 716, giving our customers complete peace of mind.

We also include a guarantee for the works which can be extended through our insurance backed system.

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