Gas Membranes

The perfect solution for properties at risk from radon, methane, CO2 and other dangerous ground gasses.

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Protect your property from Ground Gas

Gas Membranes are a ground gas remediation solution that prevent the build-up of harmful gases in buildings and houses. Wise Basement Systems can install these membranes, along with our waterproofing systems, as part of a complete package that will result in your basement, cellar or construction project becoming a dry and safe space for the future.

Why Use Gas Membranes?

When properties have spaces below the ground, the need for protection against the penetration of ground gases is vital. Gasses such as radon, methane and CO2 are severe threats to human health and they can enter properties through the earth surrounding basements, cellars and other spaces with earth retaining walls.

The gas membrane installations offered by Wise Basement Systems are designed, supplied & installed to protect your property from the ingress of radon and other ground gases.

Our gas membrane systems are extremely versatile and we can provide a ground gas solution for all of the following properties and projects:

  • Domestic housing
  • Retail and other commercial premises
  • Business premises
  • Public buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Brownfield sites
  • Urban redevelopment sites

Other Ground Gas Solutions

Wise Basement Systems also offer safe and effective ventilation solutions to disperse ground gas from underneath properties. The ground gas ventilation system required will depend on the type of property and the volume of gas, but our wide range of solutions will solve most ground gas problems.

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Does your property need a Gas Membrane?

The most dangerous attribute of a ground gas like radon is that it can go unnoticed due to no having distinguishing smell or taste. This means that unless you have had your basement or cellar certified as safe, it is a wise decision to check for ground gas.

A professional surveyor will be able confirm the presence of ground gas and, if required, design a bespoke solution that fits your properties needs and budget.

For construction projects, it will often be the case that a site investigation report will highlight the need for ground gas remediation. The team at Wise Basement Systems will be able to act on the recommendations in the site investigation report and provide a solution.

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