Waterproof Garage Walls

Waterproofing solutions for garage walls

waterproofing Garage Walls

Are your garage walls damp, stained, chalky, or flaky? It may be the case that water and hygroscopic salts are seeping through. Our waterproofing solutions for garage walls will remedy this. 

There are a number of ways to prevent and control damp issues on your garage walls. The option you choose will depend entirely on the desired use of the space after it is waterproof. Whatever your reason for waterproofing your garage walls, Wise Basement Systems will have a tailored solution that fits your needs and budget.

Waterproofing is something you must consider before undertaking a garage conversion.

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Waterproofing leaky Garage Walls

Even if your garage walls are not visibly leaking water, it is likely that they are built from a porous stone or concrete and these will still allow water vapour to pass through. This will make the walls unsuitable for applying things such as plaster, paint and wallpaper when converting the garage for another use.

Take a look at the garage wall waterproofing options below to get a better idea of what is available and what might be best for your particular project.

Waterproof Membrane for Garage Walls

Waterproof membranes (otherwise known as cavity wall membranes) are a strong, hard-wearing waterproof material designed to collect waterer ingress before it can get to the visible part of your wall. This membrane is used in conjunction with drainage systems and sump pumps to channel any water ingress away from your property. Collectively this “behind the scenes” process is known as a water management system.

Waterproof Wall Insulation

Our waterproof wall insulation manages to retrieve 97% of the heat that might otherwise be lost by a standard brick or concrete wall. This is ideal for a garage conversion as garages often tend to single skin buildings and pretty cold as a result. Our waterproof insulation would be recommended if you want to convert you garage into a warm and dry space suitable for occupancy.

Tanking for Garage Walls

Tanking a garage wall is a term used to describe the application of a slurry or waterproof cement to provide a barrier to any water ingress. Tanking is effective at preventing damp walls in a garage and also leaves a smooth concrete finish. This is best suited for garage conversions that need to be waterproof but not necessarily “homely” e.g. storage or a utility room.

More on Garage Waterproofing

Our waterproof wall solutions are not the only waterproofing products we use to ensure that any garage conversions we work on stay dry. Waterproofing the floor in your garage is also very important, particularly you want to lay carpet, wooden or laminate flooring.

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