Waterproof Garage Floor

Waterproofing solutions for garage floors

Garage Floor Waterproofing

If you want your garage to be converted into a habitable space, the floor is of vital importance. Most garage floors are made from cold, hard concrete and they are often susceptible to damp from the earth below. This makes fitting a waterproof garage floor a necessity. This page will give you an overview of the waterproof flooring options available and the sort of garage conversion they would be applicable to.

At Wise Basement Systems we have a variety of floor waterproofing solutions to suit any kind of garage conversion. Whether you are creating a more watertight storage area or an extension to your home we can supply a waterproof floor that is as functional or beautiful as you need it to be.

Waterproof Floor Tiles

Mould resistant and waterproof, our waterproof floor tiles act as a vapour barrier and are perfect for garage conversions with functionality at their core. These tiles are ideal for a utility room, kitchen, bathroom or extra storage.

Waterproof Carpet Tiles

For a bit more luxury underfoot, our waterproof carpet tiles have look and feel of a regular carpet. This is perfect for anyoneconverting their garage into a cosy living area or granny annex.

Waterproof wood & Laminate Flooring

A big mistake people often make when converting a garage is applying regular wood or laminate directly onto a concrete floor. Over time moisture ingress will cause the floor to rot or warp. This is not a problem with our waterproof laminate flooring which is resistant to water but also has the benefit of an attractive finish.

Waterproof Floor Matting

It is also possible to have your own choice of carpet or flooring in your garage conversion. Our waterproof floor matting tiles will prevent damp and condensation on the cold garage floor causing mould, mildew or rot and can have regular flooring layered on top.

More on Garage Waterproofing

Our waterproof flooring solutions are not the only waterproofing products we use to ensure that any garage conversions we work on stays dry. Waterproofing walls is also very important, particularly if your garage has an earth retaining wall.

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