Garage Conversion Ideas

Some expert inspiration for your garage conversion

Garage Conversion Ideas

Garage conversions are incredibly versatile. Whether your garage is attached to your property or you opt for a detached garage conversion, there are a wealth of possibilities.

Wise Basement Systems have been making garages safe and dry spaces for years and we have been an important part of many garage conversion projects up and down the country. As a result of this experience we have seen garages transformed from basic, damp storage spaces into truly inspiring projects.

Here are some garage conversion ideas our expert team could help you achieve…


It is fairly common for access to the garage to come from the kitchen so extending your kitchen into the garage could be a great garage conversion idea. By extending your kitchen you could have the opportunity to develop a kitchen-diner or a massive walk-in larder.


As families grow, the desire for extra living space often grows along with it. Parents, teenagers and young children all want a different experience from a living room, so to convert a garage to living space would allow a bit more leeway when it comes to catering for everyone’s tastes. A more relaxed living space in a converted garage can be incredibly appealing and a great place to chill out or let the kids play.


We already spoke about garages that adjoin the kitchen, and this makes them ideal for converting into utility rooms. Most people will be amazed by the space that can be saved in the kitchen if appliances like the washing machine, tumble drier and freezer can be moved to another room. Double garages are ideal for this as they often have enough space to become a utility room and leave enough space for parking a car.


Another increasingly popular garage conversion idea is converting a garage to office. A home office that is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the main living space is a dream come true for the self-employed. A garage conversion can be ideal for this as access to the garage is often tucked away from areas such as the living room or lounge.  A detached garage conversion is even better as stand-alone garages offer a complete sanctuary to get some work done.


Depending on the size, a stand-alone garage can be converted into a whole new living space separate from the main house. A self-contained garden apartment, more commonly referred to as a granny annex, should offer the occupant privacy and space – whether it be an elderly relative or simply a regular houseguest. Ideally this kind of conversion will require a larger garage that will have enough space for an en-suite, laundry facilities and a compact kitchen, along with a generous living space/place to sleep. Think of it like a miniature studio flat.

Convert Garage to Bedroom 

Converting a garage to bedroom is one of the most popular garage conversion ideas due to the fact the conversion does not require a costly extension. An extra bedroom could prove highly useful for a growing family or as a space for family and friends staying over. The additional space could prove highly beneficial to the homeowner while also significantly increasing the value of the property.

Convert Garage to Gym 

Depending on the size of the garage, converting your garage into a gym.has become a popular garage conversion idea. Installing fitness equipment in this space would allow the user to have easy access to a gym at any time while also saving money on expensive gym memberships.

Convert Garage into Studio

Converting a garage into a studio could provide the homeowners with space to pursue a love of art that would not be possible without a garage extension. An unused garage could be transformed to make an artist’s dream into a reality while also providing the homeowner with a large space in their own to do as they please.

Garage Waterproofing

The options listed above are just a few examples of the value a garage conversion can bring to your property. However, for any of the above garage conversion ideas to be successful they need to be dry.

It cannot be stressed enough that the first step anyone should consider when planning a garage conversion is garage waterproofing. There is no point in doing anything with your garage if it is going to suffer from leaks and water ingress. Most garages are not built to be habitable and as a result are often susceptible to damp walls and floors. Click on the links below to find out more how important garage waterproofing is to a garage conversion.

Garage Waterproofing

Click the link below to find out how Wise Basement Systems can transform a garage into a dry and comfortable space ready for conversion.

Garage Waterproofing

Garage Conversion

Find out how planning permission and building regulations affect garage conversions along with other help and advice from our expert team.

Garage Conversion

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