Parking Garage Waterproofing

Waterproofing solutions for commercial parking garages

Commercial Garage waterproofing

Land prices and car ownership are on the rise in the UK and this is leading to a severe lack of parking spaces all across the country. A popular solution to this problem has been the development of parking garages below the ground. 

Choosing to build a car park underground is not just an act of necessity though, it actually has a number of benefits. Underground parking garages free up valuable land for other uses and also allow businesses and land owners to build their parking garages closer to existing facilities. Underground car parks also tend to avoid negative publicity as they are out of sight and will not “spoil the view” for properties in the surrounding area.

Why Do Parking Garages Need Waterproofing?

There are hundreds of underground car parks up and down the country and many of these structures were built without serious consideration given to how waterproof they were. That changed in the 90's when some high profile failures led to an improved understanding of the water ingress issues that underground parking garages face and the role waterproofing plays in improving safety.

Like all underground structures, underground car parks need to be protected from water-ingress. Water ingress and hydrostatic pressure from the surrounding earth inevitably lead to leaks, cracks dampness and, in the worst cases, flooding.

Why Choose Wise to for Parking Garage Waterproofing

Wise Basement Systems are experienced and qualified when it comes to installing high quality waterproofing and protection for parking garages. Recognised throughout the country as an industry leader, Wise are rated and approved by Which?, the PCA, TrustMark, Safe Contractor and more.

By offering a variety of solutions, from traditional tanking to modern membrane and drainage based water management systems, Wise Basement Systems can develop a solution to help your car park reach the required level of waterproofing in a way that suits your needs and budget.

Wise Basement Systems can even help with parking garages that are yet to be built with our waterproofing consultancy and waterproofing design services. If you need an integrated waterproofing system built into your car park, Wise Basement Systems can deliver.

Our CSSW qualified surveyors will be able to asses and design the right system to suit your application. If you would like one of our surveyors to get in touch, simply fill in our survey form and one of our expert team will get back to you.

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Wise Basement Systems can apply waterproofing solutions to any parking garage regardless of size. From a few spaces below an apartment complex to large municipal car-parks for commercial properties, Wise Basement Systems have qualified surveyors and technicians ready to help.

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