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Waterproofing a Garage

More often than not, the garage is a space with limited potential. It is built for storage purposes and it is frequently built to a lower standard than the rest of the property. This usually results in garages suffering from a degree of dampness on the internal walls.

However, more people than ever before want to increase the habitable space in their property and are looking to use their garage for more than just shelter for their car. If you want to get more out of your garage, it might be worth looking at your options when it comes to waterproofing.

Wise Basement Systems offer a variety of garage waterproofing solutions that can create a safe and dry space that is ready for any garage conversion you desire.

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Why Do Garages get Damp?

When garages are constructed they are usually “single skin” buildings that are not designed to be habitable. This means that waterproofing is rarely integrated into the build. If your garage has an earth retaining wall, it will be particularly vulnerable to damp walls as a result of water ingress. Garages with earth retaining walls and sub-standard waterproofing are also vulnerable to cracks and leaks due to hydrostatic pressure in the surrounding earth.

Even garages that are not earth retaining are at risk from damp if neighbouring constructions on higher ground are adding water to the surrounding environment. Water will always flow to the lowest point possible, and if that point is your garage, it will need to be waterproof.

Garage Waterproofing Solutions

There are options available when it comes to waterproofing a garage and the correct application will depend on the intended future use:

Tanking a Garage

A traditional, and cost effective, method of garage waterproofing is tanking. Tanking involves the application of a slurry or waterproof cement to provide a barrier to any water ingress. Tanking is regularly used in cellars and basements to prevent dampness but it is equally as effective at preventing damp garage walls.

If completed correctly, this method will allow you to protect the contents of the garage and leave a smooth concrete finish. This makes it ideal for garages that are used for storage or as a utility room.

"Type C" Garage Waterproofing

If you are intending on a garage conversion that will change the use of the space to something habitable such as a living area or office space then a modern membrane and drainage waterproofing system may be preferable to the concrete finish left by tanking.

Known as “Type C Waterproofing” these systems collect any water ingress and channel it away from the garage leaving a completely dry space within. These systems can have plaster and dry wall applied to them with ease and are best suited to garage conversions where the garage is being converted into an additional living space.

Whatever your intention, Wise Basement Systems will have a bespoke solution for your garage that will be perfectly suited to your needs and budget.

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Commercial Garage Waterproofing

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