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Is your property suffering from the "stack effect"?

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When it comes to crawl space ventilation, traditionally, builders would place underfloor vents on opposite sides of the property in the hope that air would enter a vent on one side of the crawl space and then exit via the opposite vent. They hoped that this would replace any damp and musty air with clean air from outside. Unfortunately, this logic has long been debunked.

Science now tells us that the air movement within a house is upwards, similar to a chimney. This is called a ‘stack effect’. As a result, underfloor vents that were supposed to remove moisture from properties are actually contributing to increased moisture during the summer months and increased heating costs in the winter months due to sucking up the air in from the outside.

Solutions for  crawl space ventilation problems

If your crawl space is causing your property to be colder than it should be in the winter, we would be inclined to recommend that a vapour barrier is installed. Our patented CleanSpace system will cover your entire crawl space and if you opt for our foil insulation it will also act as a thermal barrier, reflecting heat back into the property. The CleanSpace system will be pinned to the crawl space walls to ensure that no moist air will be able to rise up into your home.

As there is no need to cover up the underfloor vents there is little risk of wet rot or dry rot occurring on your timber as fresh air is constantly coming into your property through the vents. The vapour barrier will help reduce the levels of humidity in your home which will lead to an increase of temperature during the cooler winter months.

Additional information on  crawl space ventilation

If you want to find out more about what Wise Basement Systems can do to improve the crawl space in your property then click on the links below:

Vapour barriers

Vapour barriers will keep your crawl space waterproof and also save money on energy bills by retaining heat and blocking cold air.

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More info on foil insulation

A crawl space insulation that keeps your crawl space warm and waterproof. Visit our foil insulation web page for more information.

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