Solum and Sub Floor Waterproofing

Reduce heat loss. Prevent rot and mould.

Solum & Sub floor waterproofing

Property problems resulting from a damp solum or sub floor are very common. The solums and subfloors of a property can be a breeding ground for damp, rot and pest infestation problems that can be costly to repair.

Prevention of these problems before they begin is recommended, and solum or sub floor waterproofing will not only prevent these problems, but it will also improve ventilation and save you money on energy bills. It really is a "wise" investment.

Solum & sub floor vapour barriers keep out moisture and help retain heat in the property. Our "CleanSpace" encapsulation system is used to completely block off any porous concrete walls, solum or sub floor vents, pipe penetrations and various other gaps and holes. This ensures that the solum or sub floor stays completely dry which will eliminate the risk of dry rot, wet rot, damp and infestation.

Wise Basement Systems is a leading provider of solum & sub floor waterproofing solutions and have extensive waterproofing experience and qualifications from many different professional memberships such as the Property Care Association (PCA) and Structural Waterproofing Association.

Our surveyors are trained to CSSW (Certified Surveyor of Structural Waterproofing) standards. Put all these benefits together with our 10-year waterproofing guarantee and you can have peace of mind that we will have the right solution for your solum or sub floor.

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Common waterproofing problems

If a solum & sub floor waterproofing course is not correctly installed then the original problem of dampness by water ingress will reappear. Wise Basement Systems use the latest innovations in structural waterproofing to transform even the most soiled and polluted underfloor space into a dry, safe and usable area.

Additional info on solum & sub Floor waterproofing

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Vapour barriers

A vapour barrier can be installed which will seal the underfloor from the earth and outside air. This will improve the humidity levels in your home.

vapour barriers


Ventilation can allow cold, damp air to move upwards to the living area of your home. Take a look at our expert solutions for alleviating this problem.


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