Foil Insulation

Keeps crawl spaces warm and dry

Foil insultaion for your Crawl Space

If you are looking for a crawl space insulation system then our innovative foil insulation could be the perfect solution. Our crawl space insulation will keep your crawl space warm and dry which, in turn, will increase the temperature in the rest of your property and also lower the humidity levels.

How our foil insulation works

Our foil insulation system is a plastic vapour barrier with bubbles on one side that act as thermal breaks and spacers on the other side that stop water from getting into your property through the crawl space walls. The foil insulation is mechanically fastened onto the wall using sealed plugs which help prevent any heat loss and puncture holes. This helps insulate your crawl space and will improve the heat retention within your whole property dramatically.

In a nutshell, it is a wall waterproofing system for your crawl space while also acting as a heat retention system.

Extra Benifits of foil insulation

Our foil insulation also protects your property from underground radon gases. It is also covered by our 10 year structural waterproofing guarantee - offering complete peace of mind.

Not just for under the floor

Our foil insulation can also be used for basement wall insulation. This adaptive material is able to retain around 97% of indoor heat that would normally be lost - a great energy saver!

waterproof wall insulation

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Crawl space Insulation

Installing crawl space insulation can save you money as less heat will be lost through the floor and there will be a lower ingress of cold through your underfloor.

Foil insulation

Vapour barriers

A vapour barrier can be installed which will seal the underfloor from the earth and outside air which will improve the humidity levels in your home.

vapour barriers

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