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Sound waterproofing design is vitally important to the success of any structure below ground level.

Whether you need a waterproofing system designed at a pre-construction stage or a system designed around an existing structure, the experts at Wise Basement Systems can design a functional and effective waterproofing system that will keep your space dry.

Wise Basement Systems can design a bespoke basement waterproofing system that fits your needs.

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Waterproofing Design in Construction

When constructing or renovating a structure below ground level a waterproofing specialist should always be included as part of the design team. Waterproofing is so vital that the British Standards Institute even dedicates part of its BS 8102:2009 code of practice to the role a waterproofing specialist plays in any project below ground level.

In the past an architect has often taken responsibility for waterproofing design, however many would acknowledge that they lack the training or expertise necessary to consider themselves waterproofing specialists.

This highlights the importance of involving experts like Wise Basement Systems to make sure your project is fit for purpose.

How is the best waterproofing system decided?

When deciding the best method for designing a waterproofing system, Wise Basement systems always follow the recommendations within The British Standards Institute BS8102:2009 "Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water From the Ground". This code of practice covers the different types of waterproofing available and also details the performance grade a system needs to achieve.

Wise Basement Systems can provide waterproofing systems for all 3 types of waterproofing defined in BS8102

Types of waterproofing

Below ground level waterproofing systems come under three separate types - Types A,B and C:

  • Type A (Barrier) protection – A barrier to water ingress is applied to the inner or outer surface of the structure
  • Type B (Structurally Integral) protection – The structure is formed as a watertight construction and requires no additional protection
  • Type C (Drained) protection – Water entering the structure is received by planned cavities or voids and safely removed

Which of the above is applied will depend entirely on the end result your project requires. Our expert surveyors and technicians will be able to explain, design and install the appropriate type for you.

You can read more about waterproofing types, and the regulations we follow when applying them, in our technical documents section

Technical Documents

Grades of Waterproofing Protection:

Waterproofing systems are also be subject to a grade rating. This grade relates to how effective the waterproofing system needs to be.

  • Grade 1 – Some water seepage and damp is tolerable depending on the intended use. Car parks etc.
  • Grade 2 – No water penetration is acceptable. Damp areas are tolerable depending on the end use. boiler rooms, workshops etc.
  • Grade 3 – No dampness or water penetration is acceptable – Ventilated residential and commercial areas such as homes, offices, shops etc.

Again, the grade required by each individual project is different and Wise Basement Systems will be able to recommend the appropriate grade of waterproofing for you.

More on Basement Waterproofing Grades

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