Water Attenuation and SuDS

Reducing the impact of surface water on new and existing developments

Commercial Drainage and Flood Protection

In modern construction projects it is highly likely that the site will have a necessity for a water attenuation or “SuDS” solution to prevent flooding.

Wise Basement Systems offer simple and effective SuDS solutions that ensure any rainwater that falls on site is dealt with properly and does not effect the project.

SUDs - Sustainable Drainage Systems

SuDS is an acronym for Sustainable Drainage Systems. These systems stop surface water flooding a construction site by slowing down the rate that water enters the drainage network. SuDS systems use a holding area (the "attenuation tank" or "attenuation crate") that fills up during heavy rain. This allows any construction site to release water at a rate that drains can adequately handle, thereby preventing a flood.

Why are SuDS and Water Attenuation Required?

Many construction sites have no simple method of diverting water away without putting excess strain on existing drainage systems. This makes surface water flooding a real concern and there is also the risk of the site turning permeable land impermeable. Planning authorities are very cautious of sites that have the potential to add excess load to drainage systems that already run close to capacity.

Examples of sites where SuDS and water attenuation are required:

  • Sites building on clay 
  • Sites with a high water table.
  • Riverside sites
  • Sites with ecological restraints 
  • Built up areas
  • Small or enclosed sites where alternative water management methods would be too close to the project

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