Basement Waterproofing Grades

The three "Grades" and "Types" of Waterproofing

Types of Waterproofing

The British Standards Institue's BS 8102:2009 regulations categorise basement waterproofing systems into three different grades (1,2 & 3) and three differestn Types (A,B & C). These grades and types are intended to make a clear distinction between the types of basement waterproofing systems available and the sort of results that can be expected when each is applied.

Grades of Waterproofing

The waterproofing  grade rating , as defined by BS8102:2009, relate to how effective the waterproofing system needs to be. In some instances, such as industrial environemnts, some water ingress will be tolerated. Whereas in other environments, such as domestic basement conversions, no dampness whatsoever can be tolerated. 

The waterProofing Grades
  • Grade 1 – Some water seepage and damp is tolerable depending on the intended use. Car parks etc.
  • Grade 2 – No water penetration is acceptable. Damp areas are tolerable depending on the end use. boiler rooms, workshops etc.
  • Grade 3 – No dampness or water penetration is acceptable – Ventilated residential and commercial areas such as homes, offices, shops etc.

Wise Basement Systems will be able to recommend the appropriate grade of waterproofing for your project and relate that grade to the "type" of waterproofing that will be applied.

Types of Waterproofing

The different waterproofing types, as defined by BS8102:2009, relate to that actual make-up of the waterproofing system used. These range from simple water barriers to integrated solutions and retrofit internal waterproofing systems.

Type A Waterproofing

The Type A Waterproofing grade is defined by The British Standards Institute’s BS8102:2009 (Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground) as ‘barrier protection’.

This means a material, such as waterproof cement, is applied that will offer a barrier to water ingress from outside. When applied to basements and cellars this type of waterproofing will often be referred to as basement tanking.

Type-A systems are suitable for a number of different applications including: underground storage rooms, underground car parks or garages, earth retaining walls and swimming pools.

Type A systems is perfect for Grade 1 waterproofing, but may be unsuitable for Grade 2 or 3 waterproofing depending on the circumstances.

You can read the Property Care Associations best practice for Type A Waterproofing by clicking the button below.

Read the PCA Best Practice note on type A waterproofing

Type B Waterproofing

The Type B Waterproofing grade is defined by BS8102:2009 the structure itself being an integral water resistant shell.

This means that any structural waterproofing in a Type B systems is integrated into the structure at the time of construction. Invariably this means a build of reinforced concrete supplemented with a method of controlling water ingress at construction joints (such as a hydrophilic waterbar).

To be classed as a Type B waterproofing system, a basement must be designed within certain strict parameters to ensure it is water resistant.

Type B waterproofing would typically be achieve Grade 2 waterproofing results, but it is very versatile, so this is not necessarily the limit of its application. Your waterproofing contractor will be able to advise further.

You can read the Property Care Associations best practice for Type B Waterproofing by clicking the button below.

Read the PCA Best Practice note for Type B Waterproofing

Type C Waterproofing

The Type C Waterproofing grade is defined by BS8102:2009 as where the structure itself provides the initial resistance against water ingress but also incorporates a drained cavity within the basement structure. The structure will permanently rely on the cavity drainage system to collect groundwater ingress through the structure and direct it to drains or a sump pump for removal.

Modern interior basement waterproofing systems that use cavity wall membrane, drainage systems like WaterGuard or DryTrak and sump pumps would be classed as Type C waterproofing.

Type C waterproofing systems are ideal for achieveing Grade 3 levels of waterproofing.

You can read the Property Care Associations best practice for Type C Waterproofing by clicking the button below.

Read the PCA best practice note for type C waterproofing

a contractor that is wise to waterproofing grades

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