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How to protect a building from both water and gas

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Welcome to an interesting case study about a project involving dual protection undertaken by Wise Basement System. Read on to find out how Wise Basement Systems provided a solution for Stobhill Hospital suffering from both water ingress and hazardous ground gases.

Stobhill Hospital - A increasingly common CASE

Wise Basement Systems were instructed to provided both a waterproofing and gas solution for the new AAU (acute accident unit) and CCU (Critical care unit) at Stobhill Hospital.

The industry is reviewing BS8485 Gas Regulations and BS8102 Waterproofing to bring them closer together as currently, there is no combined regulations for gas and water. It’s becoming more common to find jobs where water and gas are both present as was the case at Stobhill. In conjunction with Fosroc, the works comprised of dual protection to the basement and gas membrane to the ground floor slabs. 


As per BS8485, an independant verifier for gas membrane installation, a proofex engaged system was installed to the basement areas of both buildings. This system ensures the building protection from water ingress and hazardous ground gases undet the floor slabs. MR3000 self attesive sheet was applied to the walls to prevent water ingress and presence of hazardous grounded gases. A total gas barrier was installed to the ground floor slabs with a cavity wall membrane installed to sprevent gas seepong through.

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