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How to waterproof an underground cinema

burnside villa - glasgow

Welcome to the case study of a special waterproofing job that used three different types of waterproofing to achieve a watertight basement level for a luxury four-storey villa in a prosperous area of Glasgow.

Read on to find out how Wise Basement Systems worked in conjunction with our friends at Newton Waterproofing to provide waterproof foundations for this dream property.

Burnside villa - a high value project 

Prior to the new villa being constructed, the existing property had to be demolished and the site excavated before the high value project could commence. The client requested a high quality yet cost-effective waterproofing solution for the new property and Wise Basement Systems, the country's leading structural waterproofing experts, were tasked with the project from an early date.

To explain the job further, here is Wise Basement System’s structural waterproofing design specialist, Stuart McGinlay:

“This waterproofing project was particularly unique due to the client having very specific intentions for the rooms below ground level - the space needed to be suitable for cinema room, games room, office and server room. Another challenge we faced in the waterproofing design process was the fact the basement floor was positioned lower than the drainage channel in place on the street. For this reason we recommended the installation of all three types of waterproofing to provide complete protection.

The waterproofing system we installed even has a failsafe back up system designed to alert myself and the client in the unlikely event of any water ingress.

Before the work commenced the client came to our head office and we described the processes we would take to ensure the property would be comprehensively waterproofed. We assured the client we were the only choice for a job like this by detailing our decades of experience and expertise in basement waterpoofing. This obviously delighted the client as they gave us the go ahead and chose Wise Basement Systems to take the project forward". 

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Technical details

Before the concrete was poured, a 403 HydroBond, a self-healing sheet membrane was attached to the formwork. This high performance membrane was pivotal in achieving the Type A waterproofing system and providing protection from water ingress. The Type B system was applied using a hydrophilic waterbar within the construction joints. This was followed by the application of the Type C Newton CDM System. This was applied internally and boasts the title as the most failsafe type of waterproofing. The membranes were applied to the floors and walls with an insulation spacer added underneath the floor membrane. Drainage channels were used to collect the water ingress within the structure and direct it towards two CP400 water pumps. 

All our works were in compliance with the waterproofing standards Bs 8102 2009.

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The results

The three waterproofing systems were successfully applied, leaving the client with comprehensive protection with several effective solutions in place.

The fantastic project received a glowing reference from Richard Lyons, the director of AR Builders, who hired Wise for the project:

Wise Basement Systems carried out the waterproofing to this new build concrete basement and were extremely professional in their work.
I would recommend Wise and the Newton Waterproofing products they used to any company or client.

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