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Wise Basement Systems - Case Studies

Wise Basement Systems have provided structural waterproofing solutions for a number of interesting buildings around the country - and this has including working some of the country's most iconic locations.

Take a look at some of the case studies below to get an in-depth look at the kind of large scale structural waterproofing problems that Wise Basement Systems have been able to solve.

Waverley Bridge - Edinburgh 

Applying internal waterproofing to a pub basement is something Wise Basement Systems does on a fairly regular basis, but the basement in Wetherspoon’s bar and eatery - The Booking Office - provided a whole new challenge.... It is built into the Grade A listed structure of Waverley Bridge in Edinburgh. This meant there was no way our remedial work could alter the original structure of the basement. Considering that an internal waterproofing system requires work such as digging drainage channels, an inventive solution was required.

Read our Waverley Bridge Case Study

Kelvin Hall - Glasgow

The Kelvin Hall in Glasgow (or "the auld transport museum" if you are a local) is one of the most iconic buildings in Glasgow's trendy West End. Despite being next to Kelvin River, it was not water ingress that was causing trouble for the Kelvin Hall, but the remnants of a completely different liquid - lead paint! Could the principles of holding back water be applied to flaking toxic paint? Wise Basement Systems were certainly up for the challenge.

Read our Kelvin Hall Case Study

Burnside Villa - Glasgow

Wise Basement Systems do a lot of residential waterproofing, but this one was a bit special. This project used three different types of waterproofing to achieve a watertight basement level for a luxury four-storey villa. The basement needed to be dry enough to house a subteranian cinema, games room, office and server room. The big challenge? The basement level was much lower than the street level drainage!

Read our Burnside Villa Case Study

Kirkwall air traffic control tower - Orkney

Wise Basement Systems have extensive experience in commercial waterproofing but this project provided a unique challenge. The issue facing Kirkwall Air Traffic Control was to remove two inches of standing water and water ingress via the basement walls. However, our structural waterproofing specialists were given a strict one week deadline and limited access with a 600mm access hatch the only point of entry. Our "wise guys" had to work fast to ensure this air traffic control tower was water tight ahead of schedule.

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