How would you convert your cellar?

Some inspiration for your cellar

cellar conversion Ideas

There are hundreds of cellar conversion ideas to think about; whether you need an extra bedroom, office space, a home gymnasium or even a home cinema. Whatever the reason, cellar conversions are a fantastic way to add extra value to your property.


Extra bedrooms

One of the most popular cellar conversion ideas is to add an extra bedroom to the property without the need for a costly extension. Whether a new child is one the way or you just want to create a guest room for friends/family to stay over, a cellar conversion can provide you with all the space that you need.

Extra living space

If the kids are starting to get older and want their own space, then a games room or separate living room in the cellar could be the perfect solution. 

Office space

If you run a business from home, a cellar is a great place to convert into an office. In most cases, the cellar is separate from the rest of the property which will give you some much-needed peace and quiet.

Fitness room

If your cellar is large enough you could install fitness equipment to give yourself a home gym and save on those expensive gym memberships.

Additional information on cellars

If you want to read more about cellar conversions click on the links below to get a more in-depth view of what is involved in a cellar conversion:

Cellar waterproofing

If your cellar is leaky and wet this could cause major structural problems for your property in the long term. Fix these problems and increase your property’s value.

Cellar waterproofing

Cellar conversion

Converting your cellar is an investment to your property as not only will you be able to expand your living space you will also increase the value of your property.

Cellar conversion

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