Waterproof Membranes for Walls

A modern alternative to cementitious tanking

What is a damp proof membrane?

A waterproof membrane (often called a cavity wall membrane) is an internally applied damp wall solution that works by managing and controlling water ingress within a gap formed between the cavity wall membrane and the basement or cellar wall. It then directs water to a suitable drainage system and/or sump pump. This is completely different to traditional tanking that works by holding back any water ingress with a layer of cement or slurry.

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what are The advantages of  damp proof membranes?

Our waterproof membranes are straightforward to install, flexible, easily maintained and is supported by our 10-year waterproofing guarantee.

Unlike more traditional forms of wall waterproofing, it is not susceptible to cracking under the strain of external hydrostatic pressure. It is also unlikely to be effected by ground vibrations from nearby roads or rail tracks.

Best of all, if you are planning on making your basement or cellar look as welcoming as any other room in the house, waterproof membranes can be dry lined or have plaster applied directly onto it, making it an ideal solution for a domestic basement conversion.

What should i consider before using cavity drain membranes ?

Damp membranes for walls are suitable for use in most underground structures but what do you need to consider before installing a cavity drain membrane system?

Different properties require different forms of basement waterproofing so we would strongly recommend consulting a Chartered Surveyor of Structural Waterproofing (CSSW) to provide professional advice on the best form of waterproofing for your property.

Once a CSSW qualified surveyor has given their recommendations, it is essential that any cavity drain membranes are installed safely and correctly by an experienced and trained technician. A professional level of skill and care is required to prevent water ingress into a basement as incorrect installation could potentially lead to basement flooding and damage if water penetrates the basement.

An alternative to tanking?

Wise Basement Systems often find ourselves recommending a damp wall system using waterproof membranes when a cementitious tanking system fails. 

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