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CleanSpAce Wall Waterproofing

CleanSpace wall waterproofing is a vapour barrier system that lets any water ingress run behind it and into a drainage system. Its brilliant white colour also dramatically brightens a basement or cellar.

Aesthetically, CleanSpace will have little waves and ripples on the surface as it comes from a roll rather than in hard panels, however, it is very cost effective compared to other basement or cellar solutions for damp walls. CleanSpace is also very durable, stain resistant and nearly impossible to tear.

More about CleanSpace wall waterproofing

The CleanSpace wall waterproofing system is a 0.05cm thick reinforced plastic liner that is installed with permanent drilled-in fasteners. It is a fast, economical way to cover ugly walls and protect a basement or cellar from water vapour and water ingress. It even comes with the added benefit of a bright white colour to really brighten up a basement, reflecting available lighting.

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Why choose CleanSpace wall waterproofing

Although CleanSpace is not quite as pretty to look at as other wall waterproofing systems, it costs about 30% less. If you are looking for a quick, economical way to turn your basement or cellar into a dry usable space then this system is for you. This solution is ideal for a garage, storage space or sub floor (also known as a solum or crawl space) where a full system is not required.

More information about wall waterproofing

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Downloadable Product Guide

Unsure of the most appropriate wall waterproofing system for your basement? Download our handy basement wall waterproofing guide for a better overview.

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