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At Wise Basement Systems, we are very proud of our sump pumps and we know how effective they can be in basement waterproofing projects, especially when you compare them to sump pumps from other basement waterproofing contractors. 

To find out why we are so proud of our sump pumps, click on the video above where Larry Janesky of Basement Systems (our friends in the USA) compares sump pumps and highlights the features and benefits that we consider important when purchasing a sump pump.

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Compare our sump pumps 

Compare sump pumps

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The table above offers a comparison between the two main sump pumps we recommend at Wise Basement Systems - the "Super Sump" sump pump and the "Triple Safe" sump pump. To find out more about our sump pump range, click on the links below.

"Triple Safe" sump pump

The world's best pump? Our Triple Safe sump pump is the ultimate pump handling 6600 gallons per hour.

Triple Safe

"Super Sump" sump pump

The most popular pump of our range, it handles 2220 gallons per hour and includes the finest pump available.

Super Sump

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