Why use waterproof flooring?

The features and benefits of a waterproof basement floor

Why Use Waterproof Flooring?

A basement floor needs to be covered by a material that won't be ruined by dampness from water vapour. Even if you have a basement waterproofing system installed, and your basement is no longer leaking, a concrete floor will always remain porous and susceptible to water vapour from the moist earth around your property. In newer homes, a builder may have utilised polystyrene to combat this, but polystyrene often gets punctured or damaged from the weight of concrete pouring.

In some of the very newest homes, conscientious builders are beginning to install plastic vapour barriers underneath the house before pouring the floor. Unfortunately, these installations are a new innovation and still pretty rare, making it unlikely that you have one in your property.

Water passes through a concrete slab very slowly. As it travels through the floor it evaporates, so your basement floor is not likely to appear wet even if moisture is getting through. This makes basement floors "deceptively damp", so waterproofing the floor is not something the owner considers before laying a wooden floor or carpet.

If you lay a carpet on a concrete basement floor without adequate waterproofing, moisture will seep through and be captured in the absorbent wood or carpeting. The organic material in the carpet, combined with the moisture and the warmth of the house, creates an ideal environment for mould and mildew. Inevitably, this leads to odours, mouldy carpeting, mouldy walls, and rot. Wooden floors will soak up the moisture leading to swelling and buckling.

It gets worse...The air flow in a house operates like a chimney (this is called the "stack effect"). This means that air will move up from your basement and through the rest of the house. Anything in the air in your basement will eventually make its way through the rest of your home. If you allow mould to grow in your basement, mould spores will constantly be carried throughout your home aggravating allergies and potentially leading to a variety of other health issues.

wooden subfloors don't work

One misguided attempt when it comes to flooring, commonly found in a number of properties, is a wooden subfloor with carpet laid on top. This sounds like a great idea - until the basement floor begins to rot, grows mould, and starts to smell.

Much like carpets, a wooden subfloor is susceptible to all the problems most organic materials face when it becomes wet. Meaning eventually, you'll have to choose between living with the mildewy smell of your finished basement, the rot in your floors, and the mould spores filtering throughout your home, or you'll have to pay to have the entire carpet and subfloor ripped out to start over.

The Best solution for basement flooring?

Our waterproof flooring systems are a great solution for your basement floor and are generally regarded as the best in the business. Our systems provide a subfloor that is unaffected by water, water vapour or mould. When it comes to taking a wet basement and turning it into a dry, comfortable finished living space, there is nothing better.

Our waterproof flooring solutions are water resistant and create an effective vapour barrier that prevents moisture from coming through the basement floor and reaching your flooring material.

A second major advantage of our basement floor systems is that our products are specially engineered to create a thermal break between your basement floor and the finished basement space. This makes your basement more energy efficient while the appealing look and feel of all our products help to make your basement a comfortable and pleasant space to be in.

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