Waterproof Floor tiles

ThermalDry floor tiles are waterproof and act as a thermal break for your basement floor

Waterproof Floor Tiles

Made specifically with basements and cellars in mind, our waterproof floor tiles are 100% waterproof, act as a thermal break between your basement or cellar floor. They even come in a variety of colours and designs to suit almost any basement conversion.

Acting like a "floating floor", our waterproof floor tiles protects your property from humidity seeping through the concrete floor from reaching your finished basement or cellar. Sitting on raised plastic pegs, our waterproof floor tiles create airspace between the floor and tile that allows moisture to circulate and dry out.

While laying regular floor tiles on a basement or cellar floor may temporarily hold back any water vapour from floor, they are susceptible to cracking and leaking, so they cannot serve as a long-term moisture barrier.

Additional benefits of waterproof floor tiles

Simple to install with no adhesives or grout, our waterproof floor tiles are durable, will never rot and are made to ensure your basement or cellar floor remains dry. Unlike ceramic floor tiles, they will never crack or shatter. They are also stain resistant.

By using an interlocking system, our waterproof floor tiles are even simple to replace if any of the floor tiles do become damaged.  Simply remove the floor tile, insert a new tile and wait 24 hours to reuse the area.  In fact, our basement floor tiles are faster and easier to install than normal floor tiles in terms of both replacement and installation.

Making your basement floor more attractive & waterproof

With a variety of designs, textures and colours, our waterproof floor tiles will blend in with any basement conversion design.  They blend seamlessly with Thermal dry waterproof carpet tiles, allowing you to create a custom look by mixing carpet and standard tiles together.

Alternative Waterproof Flooring

If our Waterproof floor tiles are not right for you, check out some of our other basement wall waterproofing options below:

Waterproof Flooring Options

Click on the button below to go to our Waterproof Flooring page. Here you can look at all our options from Waterproof wooden flooring to waterproof carpet tiles.

Waterproof Flooring options

Downloadable Product Guide

Unsure of the most appropriate waterproof flooring for your basement? Download our handy basement waterproof flooring guide for a better overview.

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More information about waterproof floor tiles

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