Waterproof Floor Matting

Ideal for laying underneath carpets.

What is Waterproof Floor Matting?

If your basement conversion ideas include laying down your own carpet, our floor matting tiles will create a gap between the floor and a thermal break from the cold concrete. This creates a subfloor that will not rot, grow mould or mildew or get damaged from a leak.

About our floor matting tiles

Like all our waterproof floor tiles, a key advantage of floor matting is the fact it makes the floor 8-10 degrees warmer than it would be with bare unfinished concrete. 

Our floor matting tiles also stop water vapour from getting trapped underneath it. Traditional flooring, that is not designed with basements in mind, will allow water to stagnate and grow mould: Not something you want if you are using your basement for safe storage of your valuable and important personal possessions.

If you are planning to use your basement or cellar conversion as a livable space, it is worth noting that floor matting is not suitable for the installation of tile, wood flooring or linoleum on top of it. That said, floor matting is an excellent surface to lay underneath wall-to-wall carpeting. 

Can Waterproof Floor matting be used on its own?

Simply put: Yes.

Although our floor tiles are not things of beauty, they excel when it comes to functionality. They are durable and strong, easy to clean and perfectly suitable as the floor to a storage space, garage, subfloor, solum or crawlspace.

Alternatives to Waterproof Floor matting

If our Waterproof floor matting is not right for you, check out some of our other basement floor waterproofing options below:

Waterproof Flooring Options

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Waterproof Flooring Options

Downloadable Product Guide

Unsure of the most appropriate waterproof flooring for your basement? Download our handy basement waterproof flooring guide for a better overview.

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More information about floor matting tiles

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