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DryTrak - Basement and Cellar Drainage

As one of the most effective and least invasive methods of water drainage, our DryTrak basement drainage solution combines superior materials and practical design to remove seepage from the troublesome floor and wall joints and directs it to a sump pump or drain.

DryTrak is an effective basement waterproofing tool that not only removes the water to prevent a wet basement problem but also lowers the water table around your foundations, thus relieving hydrostatic pressure. 

DryTrak has a clean look when finished and is more cost effective than other drainage systems. It is a popular choice for people using their basement or cellar for practical uses like storage.

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Where to use our DryTrak water drainage system

The DryTrak water drainage system is very effective on all types of foundations, including poured concrete, brick, block, and stone, but is typically used on monolithic basement floors.

Benefits of DryTrak water drainage system

Reliable, permanent and cost effective, the DryTrak water drainage channel has been installed in thousands of basements worldwide. With the DryTrak water drainage system, there is no costly digging or damage to landscaping, paths, porches, decks, or gardens outside the property. The DryTrak water drainage channel will never clog like French drains can because it is not sitting in the mud. The Drytrak water drainage system also has the added benefit of being one of the most affordable drainage systems available. 

DryTrak water drainage with the Triple Safe sump pump

A DryTrak water drainage system working together with our Tripe Safe sump pump is a great combination for any wet basement! The ultimate Triple Safe sump pump drains water from the DryTrak water drainage channel below the basement floor and discharges it out of the basement. Included with the Triple safe is a reliable 1/3 hp pump, a 1/2 hp pump, a battery back-up sump pump, and a 'Water Watch' alarm system to alert you of any power failure BEFORE the water rises above the floor level.

Another attractive feature of this sump pump system is a removable airtight lid to cut down on noise, prevent objects from falling in, and prevent moisture, insects or odours from rising up out of the sump.

Images of DryTrak Water Drainage

The images below will give you an idea of what DryTrak looks like and how it can be applied to domestic and commercial basements.

(click on images above for hi-res version)

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