Basement Conversion Ideas

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Converting your basement to a habitable space is a very viable and cost effective way to add more to your property. A good basement conversion can add value to your home and provide a whole new living experience for you and your family. Basements, or similar areas like cellars, can be transformed into stunning, welcoming rooms.

Have you considered any of the following options?

A bedroom
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Creating an extra bedroom in your property can increase the value dramatically whilst also giving you much-needed space for a growing family. Alternatively, a guest room which is separate to the rest of the house can be beneficial for friends and relatives staying over.

A study
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The basement is likely to be a quiet and more secluded area of the property and this makes it the perfect place for a study room. Older children who are working towards exams would have a ‘quiet area’ in which to revise, while adults who are looking to get some extra work done can do so without any distractions from the rest of the house.

An office
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Converting a basement into a home office could be the perfect solution for a growing business. Although the basement is still part of the property, having the ability to "go to the office" will let your family know that you are at work and that you shouldn’t be disturbed (apart from being offered the occasional cup of tea, of course). Depending on the layout of the property, a basement conversion can often allow an extra entrance to your home - meaning that you can have business meetings at your property without clients having to go through your family home.

A gym
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Installing gym equipment into your basement will save you on an expensive gym membership, and there is no need for headphones when you can have your own music playing as loudly as you like!

A bathroom
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Turning a basement conversion into an extra bathroom is perfect for a family with children who are beginning to grow up and perhaps spend a little more time than strictly necessary admiring their hair before school in the morning. Wet rooms are also becoming increasingly popular in properties and are often seen as an attractive alternative to a traditional bathroom.

A home cinema
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Many people would see this as the ultimate basement conversion idea. A home cinema in your basement would allow you to install a sound system which would be too noisy for the neighbours if it were in another part of your house. Couple that with a massive screen and you will be in Hollywood heaven.

Additional information on basement conversion ideas

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Converting your basement is a great investment into your property. Not only will you be able to expand your living space, but you will also increase the value of your property.

Basement conversions

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