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Hello, and welcome to the exciting new Wise Basement Systems Website.

We have updated the site with a new “responsive” design to give our customers the best experience possible. “But, what is a responsive design?” we hear you ask… well read on to find out more!

A “responsive design” simply means that our website will respond to whatever device you are using it on. The new website will understand whether you are looking at it on a phone, a tablet or a PC, and adjust itself to make it easy to read and click through no matter the size of screen you are using.

Why make the change?

Simple - we noticed that an increasing number of our customers were accessing our website on smaller screens, like smartphones and tablets, and if we are completely honest, our old site was a chore to use on these devices.

Our new “responsive” site completely solves the issues the old website had with small screens, and should make it easy to contact us or book a basement waterproofing survey whether you are using a Microsoft PC an Android phone or an Apple i-pad.

We think this new website will be an enormous advantage to our customers, especially if they are on-the-go and want to get our experienced and qualified staff out to treat their basement waterproofing problems as soon as possible.

A “mobile first” future

It goes without saying there was also a business decision behind our website update. The latest data from Google suggests that more than half of internet users are now accessing the web on their smartphone or tablet. Frankly, this was far too many customers to be sending to our old website when it had to be zoomed into or squinted at on anything smaller than a desktop PC.

Google have even said they are going to take a “mobile first” approach to ranking websites in the near future. This essentially means that websites that look bad on portable devices are not going to be found on Google – definitely something any business wants to avoid.

Moving forward

Hopefully you find the new website fast, fluid and fun to use. Obviously, any feedback regarding the site is more than welcome, so feel free to let us know what you think of it by emailing:

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