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Focus on Ground Gas After Gorebridge

As a provider of ground gas remediation solutions, Wise Basement Systems know the importance of ground gas protection. Harmful gasses and organic compounds that come up from ground, such as CO2, methane and radon can be extremely harmful to human health.

No current news story highlights this more than the continuing focus on the “Gorebridge Incident” where homes on a new-build estate in Gorebridge, East Lothian, had to be destroyed after residents became ill due to elevated levels of ground gas. While this incident happened a few years ago, the Scottish Government is still looking into it, and a new government study is being launched with the aim of protecting future housing developments.

Keep reading to find out what the government hope to achieve, and also learn more about gas membranes and the role they can play in preventing future incidents like the one in Gorebridge.

The Government vs Ground Gas

The Scottish Government’s study into the dangers of carbon dioxide (CO2) poisoning on former coal mining sites will be launched nationwide in conjunction with Stirling-based engineering consultant RSKW and RSK’s geosciences division, based in Glasgow. Over a three-month period, the project will cover every former mining area in Scotland and advise on the necessary action required.

Andrew Gunning, project manager at RSKW, has said: “We are very pleased to be carrying out this important project to assess the prevalence of carbon dioxide in disused mineral mines and the implications for residential buildings,”

Tom Henman, project technical adviser, RSK said: “This work will build on our previous experience of environmental research projects and supporting the development of technical guidance on ground gases.”

Where building on these sites is concerned, the implementation of gas membranes is likely to be among the recommended actions.

What Are Gas Membranes?

A gas membrane is a ground gas remediation solution that prevents the build-up of harmful gases in buildings and houses. It works by providing a barrier to any ground gasses such as CO2, radon, methane and other ground gases. These membranes are incredibly versatile and can be applied to a wide range of buildings, both domestic and commercial.

Without any kind of protection, ground gas can build up in a property and this has the potential to harm anyone inside. Ground gasses can asphyxiate, contribute towards long term health effects or even cause explosions. However, a simple application of membrane barriers or ground gas ventilation can prevent this and transform a potentially dangerous area into a perfectly safe environment to live and work.

Gas Membranes

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Protection from Ground Gas

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