Wild Weather wreaks havoc


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Wild Weather Warnings

Surely it cannot have escaped your attention that it is getting progressively worse out there just now.

Thoughts have been turning to how the upcoming cold weather could affect properties up and down the country.

The weather is about to become even wetter and windier, with the Met Office announcing yellow warnings for the wind. This “be aware” warning comes as gales are expected to increase waves to an unusually high level causing localised floods, in Western and Northern Scotland. Northern Ireland will also be affected.

Additionally, the same area has been given an “Amber warning” for snow. Combining the two will cause many problems for everyone in particular homeowners with basements, whose waterproofing and damp coursing will be put to the test.

Also, with the freezing weather there come frozen pipes, gutters and drains. When these water systems crack, fail and then leak, having a waterproof basement is, obviously, essential.

In terms of damage control, the experts here at Wise Basements Systems have a number of basement options available. There are several different methods to waterproofing a basement from traditional – tanking – to the more modern system and recommended – water guards.

Modern options available include a guard basement drainage system and the Drytrak basement system.


The first snowfall is predicted for Friday morning, so have a look around your house to ensure you are protected and prepared. Even if a basement does seem to survive the trials of winter, any damage caused by the cold will be highlighted when the inevitable spring showers begin to rain down on the property early in the new year.

Prepare your basement by checking to ensure that your water proofing is still intact, as is your damp coursing and by maintaining heating equipment and chimneys by having them cleaned and inspected every year.

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