Is your basement ready for Scotland’s weather woes?


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Basment Flooding in Storms

It cannot have escaped anyone’s attention that the weather is awful out there just now. Heavy rain, high winds and flurries of sleet have caused chaos right across the country, with many places in Scotland suffering from blackouts, travel problems and property damage.

With regards to property, we are often told about the damage weather can cause to properties above the ground – but what about below? Basement apartments and home cellars, crawlspaces and subflooring are all affected by extreme weather in a completely different manner to what lies above.

Are you basement wise?

Why do basements flood?

Water will always take the path of least resistance to flow to lowest point it can. This is bad news for basements in bad weather, because any water in the ground as a result of heavy rain will exploit any weak points in the walls or floor of a basement.

Worse still, hydrostatic pressure caused by too much water swelling the ground around a basement can actually cause the damage that will let water in.

How to waterproof a basement

There are many methods of basement waterproofing out there but we believe the wisest solution in most cases is an internal water management system.

Water management systems do not simply put up a physical barrier but instead channel any incoming moisture and remove it from the property using a combination of membranes, drainage and pumps.

The main advantage water management has over traditional waterproofing measures such as basement tanking is that they have little risk of being damaged due to hydrostatic pressure or other environmental factors (cracks caused by vibrations from nearby roads or railway lines for example).

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