Is your basement waterproofing up to another cold winter?


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Basement Waterproofing in Winter

Anyone walking to work this morning, particularly in Scotland, might have been a little bit shocked as to how bitterly cold it is out there. Many predicted a cold snap yesterday, and it has certainly arrived with temperatures plummeting below zero across much of the country.

Weather like this is certainly no motivator, but with snow likely to be falling, freezing and melting a fair bit over the next few months an important question arises – is your basement waterproofing up to the task?

British winters tend to be fairly erratic, with cold snaps followed by a few days of slightly higher temperatures, this leads to a constant cycle of freezing and thawing. These changes in weather and moisture levels will cause the ground around property foundations to expand and contract, potentially making existing cracks in cementitious systems, such as basement tanking, larger, and this causes gaps where water can flow through.

Also, with the freezing weather comes frozen pipes, gutters and drains. When these water systems crack, fail and ultimately leak, having a waterproof basement is, obviously, essential.

Even if a basement does survive the trials of winter, any damage caused by the cold will be highlighted when the inevitable spring showers begin to rain down on the property early next year.

Applying Basement waterproofing in winter

It is a common assumption that waterproofing work is more difficult in the colder months, but in reality, any internal basement waterproofing work that can be performed in the summer can just as easily be performed in the winter. External waterproofing work is a little more difficult, due to harder ground, but qualified and professional basement waterproofing companies, like Wise Basement Systems, will still be up to the task.

So, whether a property requires the installation of basement drainage systems, sump pumps, wall waterproofing or floor waterproofing, a cold snap should not put anyone off having vital waterproofing work carried out.

Getting prepared for a waterproof winter

With the UK weather as notoriously unpredictable as it is, today’s snow and frost are likely to become tomorrow’s puddles and floods. So, without a protected basement, all that water could end up leaking into your property.

Putting off basement waterproofing work until the weather gets a bit better is a decision that can lead to permanent damage to the foundation of your home, so wherever possible it is best to have top quality basement waterproofing installed in time for bad weather as opposed to having extensive basement maintenance to carry out afterwards.

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