Tanking Membrane and Cementitious Tanking - What’s the Difference?


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What is Tanking Membrane?

Here at Wise Basement Systems, our structural waterproofing specialists are often asked the difference between a tanking membrane and cementitious tanking. While both are effective forms of waterproofing, not every property or project is suitable for either waterproofing system.

What is Cementitious Tanking?

Cementitious tanking is a traditional form of waterproofing and involves the application of cementitious slurry to walls and floors. It is a two coat system which will form a waterproof barrier when applied to damp masonry. It most commonly comes in powder form and when mixed with water forms a soup like formula. When two coatings of this formula are applied to walls, it forms a barrier, making the internal walls or floor watertight.

What is a tanking membrane?

Tanking membrane is a modern alternative to cementitious tanking. Instead of just preventing water from entering a structure, a tanking membrane is a versatile material that can be used in conjunction with other waterproofing systems such as a waterproofing cavity membrane or “Type C system”. These systems use membranes to guide any water ingress into a drainage channel and directs it towards a sump pump which then channels the water away from the property.

What are the advantages of tanking membrane?

While both cementitious tanking and tanking membrane systems are effective means of waterproofing, there are circumstances when the tanking membrane system is preferred. Cementitious tanking is more likely to fail in areas vulnerable to subsidence and ground vibrations. These conditions can cause cracks to develop in cement tanking, allowing water to seep through.

A tanking membrane system is more adaptable and can be integrated into the majority of underground structures.

What is Better - Tanking or Tanking Membrane?

There is no definitive answer to this question - it really depends on what is best for your property and your projects budget. Different properties require different levels of performance from their waterproofing so we would always recommend contacting a professionally trained structural waterproofing specialist to ensure your property gets the best tanking system for your plans.

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Although tanking and tanking membranes are effective form of waterproofing, it is crucial the system you choose is installed correctly and safely by a professionally trained technician as incorrect installation could lead to major water damage.

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