How to fix a flooded basement


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Fixing a Flooded Basement

2014 has certainly come in with a bang. Storms up and down the country have caused several floods, resulting in extraordinary levels of flood damage to properties.

This wild weather has caused a number of basements, cellars and basement conversions across Scotland to become flooded, leaving a great number of people with severe property damage and a big damp mess to clean up in their homes.

Do not fret though, by performing the following steps you can get your basement back to its best in no time.

Eliminate remaining water using a wet & dry vacuum cleaner

Before any damage can be repaired, any residual water must be removed. A wet and dry vacuum cleaner generates enough suction to hoover up water, grime and slush. These machines can be purchased but also rented.

Use a pressure washer on the walls, flooring and roof

A pressure washer can be used to blast any residual grime from your basement floor, wall and ceiling. When using a pressure washer in damp conditions, it may be wise to opt for a petrol-powered pressure washer so as to avoid any danger of mixing electricity and water.

Remember: Flood water has come into your property from outside, so make sure you are wearing appropriate protective gear (goggles and mask) when blasting away any detritus from your basement - you don't know where it has been.

Dry with an Air Blower

An air blower will reduce the drying time of a damp basement even in chilly January conditions. The main benefit of these machines is their low power consumption, making them a relatively inexpensive way to speed up the drying process.

Elbow grease

To remove any final residual dirt, it is simply a case of scrubbing and washing.

Finish with a Steam Cleaner

As mentioned previously, flood water has come into your home from outside your property so you do not know what it has left behind in terms of microbes, germs, bacteria, allergens or pathogens. For this reason, a hygienic steam clean is essential.

Waterproof your basement

While exceptional flooding will be a risk to any basement, a great number of cases begin from small leaks or cracks where a small amount of water ingress leads to a big problem. Effective basement waterproofing will improve any basements chances when the bad weather returns.

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