Basement properties vulnerable to floods


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Flooding in Basement properties

Heavy rain is continuing to cause flood problems across Scotland. The Met Office has released further weather warnings for the Tayside, Fife and Central Scotland areas.

One of the worst hit towns in Scotland has been Perth where residents have endured floodwater ruining carpets and furniture within basement properties, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Fire services and engineers have managed to pump water out of properties in the Fair City, but further rain to come would suggest their job is far from finished.

So what can Scotland expect in the coming weeks and can anything be done to keep basement properties safe?

Drenched January: Floods in Scotland

Perth has already seen the brunt of the floods, but some of Scotland’s other big cities including Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee are currently on an “amber flood alert” with towns such as Stonehaven, Brechin and Blairgowrie receiving full “flood warnings”.

You can keep up to date with all the latest flood warnings and alerts with SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency).

Basement properties during flooding

The mantra often uttered by structural waterproofing experts is that “water will always flow to the lowest point” which is bad news for basements.

Most of the usual flood defences also apply to basement properties, with sandbags helping prevent water entry and pumps removing any water that does seep in.

However, basements face an additional problem during floods. When the ground surrounding a basement becomes waterlogged it generates immense pressure against the foundations, and this can lead to cracks and damp patches on the internal basement wall.

The only way to protect a basement from this external water pressure is specific basement waterproofing options such as modern membrane waterproofing systems or more traditional methods like basement tanking.

Is your basement waterproof?

If you have a basement property that needs waterproofing or you are considering a basement conversion, we would recommend talking to a structural waterproofing expert and organising a waterproofing survey. This way you can make sure you have a habitable and dry space that is prepared for the worst wet weather Scotland can throw at it.

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