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Underground Bunker Conversion

At Wise Basement Systems we are used to talking about properties that have large underground spaces, but how would you fancy living in an entirely subterranean property?

A Cold War bunker capable of withstanding a nuclear blast has gone on the market in rural Perthshire for a bargain £20,000.

The bunker is 13ft underground, poky and has no electricity and running water. But, if you fancy putting a bit of work in, and you like it cosy, then this could be the perfect countryside retreat.

Going underground

The bunker was originally built in 1960 as a monitoring base for the military. Any personnel at the bunker would have used it to provide the famous “four-minute warning” in the event of a nuclear-bombs dropping.

For anyone interested in cold war history, it is worth noting that a number of original items that would have been used by military personnel at the time have been included in any potential sale including the “Blast Power Indicator” used to measure the size of nuclear blasts.

The only way into the bunker is by using its original vertical ladder which extends down nearly four metres.

Selling a bomb shelter

Rettie & Co, the estate agents in charge of the sale, say the bunkers main appeal is that it could still be used as “an insurance policy against the ‘unthinkable’”.

“The bunker offers a piece of affordable real estate in an absolutely charming part of rural Perthshire.

“Our client has used the former listening post for holiday accommodation as it makes for a very secure lock up and leave.

“I can foresee it being acquired for a similar purpose or by an enthusiast/collector of cold war history.

“Alternatively, it would make a great gift for the person who has everything or as an insurance policy against the unthinkable.”

Converting an underground space

Wise Property Care knows all about getting a space ready for a basement or cellar conversion, and we would definitely be up for the challenge of a bunker if the opportunity came along.

What would you do with your own nuclear bunker? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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