Going down to the pub: A Bar in the basement?


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Building a Pub in Your Basement

There are many reasons one might consider a basement conversion. Storage space, a spare room or a home office are common reasons people get Wise Basement Systems in to create a dry space that can be renovated and decorated. 

While practical basement projects are great, we love it when someone wants to do something unique with their basement, which is why a property near Liverpool with a traditional pub in its lower quarters has sparked our interest.

We have all heard of drinks being "on the house", but how practical is it to serve drinks under the house?

Basement bar

The authentic looking and fully equipped pub, with bar, pool table and under the counter fridge, would come as a surprise to most people who see the house from the outside as it looks fairly ordinary.

The snug little bespoke pub even has a row of boxed-in seating as well stools and tables that wouldn’t look out of place in most people’s local.

The estate agents in charge of the sale say: “The spacious basement (the full size of the ground floor) has been turned into a wonderful entertaining space with a pub and games rooms as well as a utility room and additional storage.”

The Wise approach

Wise Basement Systems have actually converted a space that ended up as a bar and pool room before.

Wise founder Les Meikle says: “While it is not an everyday job, converting a basement into a pub or bar is actually relatively easy. What we would do as a company is make sure that the basement had adequate waterproofing to prevent any dampness or leaks. Once that dry envelope is created, kitting the space out into a pub should be pretty easy.”

You can see the process Wise took when turning a dank basement into a space fit for a bar below:

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