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Underfloor ventilation

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When it comes to underfloor ventilation, traditionally, builders would place underfloor vents on opposite sides of the house in the hope that air would enter a vent on one side of the underfloor and then exit via the opposite vent. They hoped that this would remove the damp and musty underfloor air with clean air from the outside. 

However this does not work as science tells us that the air movement within a house is upwards, similar to a chimney. This is called a ‘stack effect’. Underfloor vents were supposed to remove moisture from the property but they actually contribute to increased moisture during the hot summer months and increase heating costs in the winter months due to sucking cold air in from the outside.

Solutions for underfloor ventilation problems

If your underfloor is contributing to having a cold home in the winter then it could be recommended that an underfloor vapour barrier is installed. Our patented CleanSpace system will cover your entire underfloor and if you opt for our foil insulation it will also act as a thermal barrier, reflecting heat back into the property. The CleanSpace system will be pinned to the underfloor walls to ensure that no moist air will be able to rise up into your home.

As there is no need to cover up the underfloor vents there is no risk of wet rot or dry rot occurring on your timber as fresh air is constantly coming into your property through the vents. The underfloor vapour barrier will help reduce the levels of humidity in your home which will lead to an increase of temperature during the cooler winter months.

Find out more about underfloor ventilation

contact us about underfloor ventilationIf you want to find out more information regarding underfloor ventilation contact the Wise Basement Systems team today on 0808 256 4538 or use our online contact form and we will arrange for one of our Wise Basement Systems specialists to contact you.


Additional information on underfloor ventilation

underfloor vapour barrier

Underfloor vapour barrier

Underfloor vapour barriers will keep your underfloor waterproof and also save you money on your energy bills through heat retention and not letting cold air into your home.

Underfloor vapour barriers

foil insulation

Foil insulation

An underfloor insulation that keeps your underfloor dry and also acts as a waterproofing course. Visit our foil insulation web page for more information.

More information on foil insulation

Speak to a basement & underfloor specialist

contact us and speak to a underfloor ventilation expertFind a branch in your local area to speak to a basement specialist. Our surveyors are trained to CSSW (Certified Surveyor of Structural Waterproofing) standards. Put together with our 10-year basement and cellar guarantee you can have peace of mind that we will have the right solution for your basement.