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Underfloor vapour barrier

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If you are finding that cold, wet air is entering your underfloor through the air vents then an underfloor vapour barrier can be installed to seal the underfloor from the earth and outside air that will improve the humidity and dampness in your home. The CleanSpace underfloor vapour barrier is a heavy, durable plastic liner which is perfect for stone walls, dirt underfloors (solums) or garages.

Our CleanSpace underfloor vapour barrier drains water behind it and will not let any through to your underfloor ensuring that you do not get any dry rot, wet rot or mould issues in your underfloor due to excess moisture in the air. The Cleanspace underfloor vapour barrier is extremely durable and nearly impossible to rip. Compared to other underfloor waterproofing systems it is extremely cost effective.

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The CleanSpace underfloor vapour barrier is formed from a thick reinforced plastic liner that is installed with permanent drilled-in fasteners. It is a fast, economical way to waterproof your underfloor which will stop all water vapour from permeating on the walls.

If you are thinking about installing underfloor insulation in your home and have a ventilated underfloor then installing an underfloor vapour barrier is recommend because your insulation will otherwise become damp and start to rot eventually becoming worthless.

Our CleanSpace underfloor vapour barrier is an economical way to dry and improve the appearance of your underfloor walls leaving it an ideal area for extra storage space where you can be sure your belongings won’t get damp.

Find out more about CleanSpace in underfloors in our CleanSpace underfloor case study.

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Additional information on underfloor vapour barriers

foil insulation

Foil insulation

An underfloor insulation that keeps your underfloor dry and also acts as a waterproofing course.

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Underfloors are one of the main causes of energy loss in your home due to cold air rising up through it in the winter months.

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solum and sub floor waterproofing

Solum & sub floor waterproofing

A damp solum or sub floor greatly increases the chance of having a problem associated with wet or dry rot, mould and also a number of household pests such as mice. Waterproofing your solum or sub floor will alleviate these risks.

Solum & sub floor waterproofing

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