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Foil insulation

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If you are looking for an underfloor insulation system then our innovative foil insulation could be the perfect solution. Our ThermalDry underfloor insulation will keep your underfloor warm and dry which will lower the humidity in the living area of your home and therefore increase the temperature.

How our foil insulation works

Our underfloor foil insulation system is a plastic underfloor vapour barrier with bubbles on one side that act as thermal breaks and spacers to allow for drainage that stops water vapour from getting into your basement through the walls. In a nutshell, it acts as a wall waterproofing system for your underfloor that drains water away while insulating your underfloor.

When to use foil insulation

Our ThermalDry foil insulation system is the preferred option for you underfloor walls if you want to finish your underfloor now or in the near future. The ThermalDry foil insulation is mechanically fastened onto the wall using sealed plugs which help prevent any heat loss and puncture holes. This helps insulate your underfloor and will improve the heat retention within your whole property dramatically.

With the added benefit of helping to protect against radon gases and a 10 year basement and cellar guarantee you can sleep easy knowing that your underfloor issue will soon be fixed.

Find out more about our basement wall insulation

For further help and information regarding our Thermaldry underfloor wall insulation, contact our Wise Basement Systems team today on 0808 256 4538 or use our online contact form and we will arrange for one of our Wise Basement Systems specialist to contact you. 

With the benefit of our property repair guarantee, you can be sure your basement walls will soon be looking good.

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Additional underfloor solutions

underfloor vapour barrier

Underfloor vapour barrier

An underfloor vapour barrier can be installed which will seal the underfloor from the earth and outside air which will improve the humidity levels in your home.

Underfloor vapour barriers
underfloor insulation

Underfloor insulation

Installing underfloor insulation can save you money as less heat will be lost through the floor and there will be a lower ingress of cold through your underfloor.

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underfloor ventilation

Underfloor ventilation

Insufficient underfloor ventilation can lead to a whole host of property problems including wet rot, dry to and also an infestation of household pests.

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Speak to a basement & underfloor specialist

Find a branch in your local area to speak to a basement specialist. Our surveyors are trained to CSSW (Certified Surveyor of Structural Waterproofing) standards. Put together with our 10-yearbasement and cellar guarantee you can have peace of mind that we will have the right solution for your basement.



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