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Underfloor insulation

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Installing underfloor insulation will save you money on energy costs and increase your home’s comfort as the loss of heat or ingress of cold through your underfloor is huge. Moisture can enter your underfloor which can result in dry rot and wet rot which can cost a small fortune to repair. Our ThermalDry foil insulation keeps your underfloor warm and dry while also acting as an underfloor vapour barrier.

Underfloor insulation is a home improvement that can actually save you money rather than cost you money as the money that you spend installing the underfloor insulation can be saved in reduced energy bills in a short period of time.

Ventilated & unventilated underfloor insulation

How to install underfloor insulation depends on whether the underfloor is ventilated or not. An unventilated underfloor is easier to insulate as you will only have to apply the underfloor insulation on the walls of the foundation rather than on the underfloor ceiling.

If your underfloor is ventilated, which it is on the majority of properties, you will need to prepare your underfloor by sealing all of the vents and holes. Traditional underfloor ventilation thinking placed air vents at opposite sides of the underfloor in the hope that air would come in through one and leave through the other taking moist air with it. However this is not the case and air flows upwards in a house and takes the damp, musty underfloor air up into your home. To alleviate this, an underfloor vapour barrier can be installed. These are designed to prevent water vapour and humidity from passing into your underfloor.

After a ventilated underfloor has been sealed an underfloor insulation can be installed on the underfloor walls and ceiling which will help retain heat in your property in the winter months and therefore reduce energy bills significantly.

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Additional information on underfloor insulation

underfloor foil insulation

Foil insulation

An underfloor insulation that keeps your underfloor dry and also acts as a waterproofing course.

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Underfloors are one of the main causes of energy loss in your home due to cold air rising up through it in the winter months.

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Solum and subfloor waterproofing

Solum & sub floor waterproofing

A damp solum or sub floor greatly increases the chance of having a problem associated with wet or dry rot, mould and also a number of household pests such as mice. Waterproofing your solum or sub floor will alleviate these risks.

Solum & sub floor waterproofing

Speak to a basement & underfloor specialist

Find a branch in your local area to speak to a basement specialist. Our surveyors are trained to CSSW (Certified Surveyor of Structural Waterproofing) standards. Put together with our 10-yearbasement and cellar guarantee you can have peace of mind that we will have the right solution for your basement.



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