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Waterproofing diagnostics

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At Wise Basement Systems we not only plan and design waterproofing systems we can also diagnose problems in basements, cellars and existing waterproofing systems that have failed.

Our surveyors are fully trained and qualified and have access to the latest diagnostic equipment to make sure they can correctly diagnose a waterproofing problem and develop a solution to fix it.

Diagnosing a waterproofing problem

While it may seem obvious to treat the general area that damp patches or leaks appear, our surveyor will figure out exactly why a space is damp or leaking. This allows our surveyor to provide a fit for purpose solution that will prevent any future waterproofing failures – all backed by our 10 year structural waterproofing guarantee.

Waterproofing diagnostic technology

Our surveyors use the latest diagnostic equipment to give them all the data the need to provide the most accurate solutions available. Where it is required, our surveyors use a combination of thermographic and photographic equipment.

These are examples of the kind of kit our surveyors may use:

Not only does this equiptment allow our surveyor to gather all the information we need, it also allows them to show our clients and customers graphical evidence of the problems at hand.

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