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Wise Basement Systems are a highly trained and qualified structural waterproofing contractor with many years of industry experience.

We work to provide our clients with waterproofing systems that comprise the highest quality waterproofing products, designs and installation available.

All our work, whether it is domestic or commercial, carries our 10-year waterproofing guarantee.

Why choose Wise Basement Systems?

Here at Wise we like to think of ourselves as a “complete contractor”. We can be involved in every step of the waterproofing process. From design, installation, diagnostics, maintenance and beyond - Wise Basement Systems offer the complete package, all covered by our 10 year structural waterproofing guarantee.

What Wise Basement Systems have to offer

Waterproofing consultancy

Waterproofing consultancy

Could your project benefit from the experience and expertise of Wise Basement Systems? Our qualified waterproofing specialists will provide the guidance and technical know how that your project requires.

Waterproofing consultant

Waterproofing design

Waterproofing design

Working in conjunction with architects and other members of the design team, Wise Basement Systems will be able to design, plan and install a waterproofing system to make your project fit for purpose.

Waterproofing design

Waterproofing diagnostics

Waterproofing diagnostics

Wise Basement Systems use the latest diagnostic equiptment to figure out exactly what kind of wateproofing a property requires. If your property has a waterproofing system that isn't working or has failed we can help. 

Waterproofing Diagnostics

Basement Guarantee

Waterproofing guarantee

With a 10 year basement and cellar guarantee, you can rest assured that Wise Basement Systems are committed to providing an excellent service. Find out more about the guarantee’s we offer.

Basement and cellar guarantee

Talk to Scotland's leading waterproofing contractors

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