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Top 5 Basement Conversions

October 29, 2012

Everyone has a different basement conversion idea. From adding an extra bedroom to a home cinema or even a swimming pool, we have seen it all. We have scoured the Internet and below are what we think are the top 5 basement conversions in the UK.

1. Swimming pool & jacuzzi in Wimbledon, London

swimming pool basement

For a cool £4.25m you can get this magnificent property in Wimbledon that has had its basement converted into a swimming pool and, of course, a jacuzzi. This basement conversion is perhaps out of most people’s budgets but who could say no to this absolutely stunning basement?

2. Home cinema in Battersea, London

 home cinema basement

This home cinema in Battersea, London (are you starting to see a pattern?) is slightly cheaper than the swimming pool above at only £3m. We feel that this is a great use of a basement and the only that that it could be any better is if the television was slightly larger? 50 inches just doesn’t crack it these days.

3. Office and living space in Fife, Scotland

office basement

It is only appropriate that at least one of our top basement conversions is located in Scotland. It is also definitely appropriate that this basement happens to be one that features basement waterproofing from Wise Basement Systems. We were involved with this stunning basement conversion from start to finish. The basement makes use of the entire area under the house and has the same width and length of the house above it.

4. Kitchen and dining room in Kennington, London

 dining room basement

A kitchen and dining room does not sound anywhere near as classy as a home cinema room or a swimming pool but this property in Kennington definitely pulls it off in a good way! The modern kitchen and dining room has been featured in both Hello! and OK! magazines and it opens out into a 90ft rear garden. It can be yours for only £1.68m.

5. Kitchen and living room in Hemal Hampsted, London

kitchen and living room basement

The lack of natural lighting is often a concern for people when considering a basement conversion. However, the owner of this basement have countered that be installing fantastic mood lighting throughout the kitchen and living room in their converted basement.

And a bonus basement from America...

A story on the top basement conversions wouldn’t be complete without showing you what our friends from across the Atlantic have been doing in their spare time...

star trek basement conversion

Recognise the above from anywhere? The above basement was converted into a home cinema to match the decor from Star Trek. However whether this basement conversion adds value to the home, or even could be considered a ‘top’ basement conversion is perhaps up for debate...

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