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Damp Cellar

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The cellar or basement of any building is particularly vulnerable to damp simply due to the fact that it is below ground level.

Walls and floors that retain earth will experience intense hydrostatic pressure when the earth becomes saturated with water. This pressure will force the water to penetrate any cracks or pores in the structure of your basement or cellar.

How serious is a damp cellar? If it is not being used for storage or to live in for example, then dampness might not seem like a big deal. However, the cellar also provides the foundation on which your property lies. So, if the cellar develops a serious damp issue it can cause structural problems.

Damp cellar solutions

A properly waterproofed cellar can be used for almost any function from a dry and safe storage area in a commercial property to a habitable space in a home. It can also improve the value of a property significantly.

At Wise Basement Systems our trained and qualified surveyors and technicians will be able to diagnose any damp issues in your cellar or basement and implement a water managemaent solution that will make your cellar fit for purpose.

Modern solutions for damp cellar walls and floors

Basement drainage systems - basement waterproofing products

Basement drainage systems

Our innovative Water Guard and Drytrak drainage systems can prevent water ingress into cellars and basements.

A reliable and cost effective solution.

Basement drainage systems

Wall waterproofing systems - basement waterproofing products

Wall waterproofing

When it comes to damp cellar walls, Wise Basement Systems has three basement and cellar wall waterproofing solutions to help make your cellar walls waterproof and look great.

Wall waterproofing

Floor waterproofing systems - basement waterproofing products

Floor waterproofing

Do you have damp cellar floor that is cold, hard and wet? Transform your cellar floor into a dry, functional and attractive area using our waterproof and innovative floor systems

Floor waterproofing

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