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Waterproof wall insulation

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Looking for wall waterproofing with the benefits of wall insulation that can keep also you warm and dry?  If so, then our Thermaldry waterproof wall insulation could be perfect for you! 

A popular choice for basement conversions and basement waterproofing, our waterproof wall insulation system is a plastic vapour barrier with air bubbles on one side that act as thermal breaks and spacers to allow for drainage to stop water vapour from getting into your basement through the walls and drains water from any wall leaks to the drainage system below.

More than that, because of its reflective foil face, the ThermalDry waterproof wall insulation reflects more than 97% of the indoor heat back into a basement or cellar - a great energy saver! Normally the thermal mass of your basement or cellar walls perpetually soaks up heat from your home, but with the ThermalDry waterproof wall insulation, this process dramatically slows down, saving energy.

When to use waterproof wall insulation

Our ThermalDry waterproof wall insulation system is the preferred option for your basement and cellar walls if you are going to finish your basement now or in the near future. Mechanically fastened into the wall using sealed plugs to prevent heat loss and puncture holes, it helps insulate your new basement or cellar while helping to improve the heat retention within your whole property.

Find out more about our basement wall insulation

Waterproof wall insulation - speak to an expertFor help and more information regarding our waterproof wall insulation, contact our Wise Basement Systems on 0808 256 4538 or contact your local branch.

Alternatively, click to contact us online to view how the waterproof wall insulation plays its part within a basement waterproofing system.

Other basement wall waterproofing options

If our ThermalDry waterproof wall insulation is not right for you, check out some of our other basement wall waterproofing options below:

Cavity wall membrane

Cavity wall membrane

Tough & durable waterproof membrane system suitable for both old and new buildings.

Cavity wall membrane

Clean Space wall waterproofing

Clean Space wall waterproofing

Covering your basement walls with our Cleanspace wall waterproofing system economically brightens your basement.

Clean Space wall waterproofing

Wall waterproofing guide

Wall waterproofing guide

Unsure towards the right basement wall waterproofing system for you? Download our handy basement wall waterproofing guide for a better overview. 

Wall waterproofing guide

Contact us about wall waterproofing

For help and moWaterproof wall insulation - contact usre information regarding our basement wall waterproofing solutions, contact our Wise Basement Systems team today on 0808 256 4538 or use our online contact form and we will arrange for one of our Wise Basement Systems specialist to contact you. With the added benefit of our basement & cellar guarantee, you can be sure your basement wall problem will soon be over.

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